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Opening the Alexander Volkov Square in Bryansk

On December 5, a new Square in Bryansk, named after the first President of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Volkov, opened on Bezhitskaya street.

Alexander Volkov was born in the Bezhitskiy district of Bryansk. In 2000, he became the first President of the Udmurt Republic and led the republic for 14 years. Thanks to Alexander Volkov, Bryansk and Izhevsk signed documents on cooperation, as well as the Bryansk Region and the Udmurt Republic. In 2012, Alexander Volkov was awarded the high title of the Honorary Citizen of the city of Bryansk. In 2019, a Public Council of the City of Bryansk initiated to name a park in the Bezhitskiy district after Alexander Volkov. Deputies of the Bryansk City Council supported this initiative.

The renovation of the Square began in August 2019 which cost 6.8 million rubles. They constructed alleys, installed 26 lanterns, 12 benches and a playground. In the centre of the new Square, a bust of Alexander Volkov was also installed.

The honorary guests of the grand opening of the Square were: the Governor of the Bryansk Region Alexander Bogomaz, the Chairman of the Bryansk Regional Duma Vladimir Popkov, the Chief Federal Inspector Andrei Dyachuk, as well as the relatives of the first President of the Udmurt Republic – the widow Nina Volkova, son Andrei Volkov, and brothers and sisters of Alexander Volkov. The event was also attended by the Head of the City of Bryansk Marina Dbar, the Head of the Bryansk city administration Alexander Makarov, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Udmurt Republic Yuri Fedorov, Chairman of the Izhevsk City Council Oleg Garin and Deputy Head of Izhevsk City Administration – Chief of Staff of Izhevsk City Administration Denis Loginov.

At the end of the event, the participants laid flowers at the bust of Alexander Volkov and released balloons into the sky in memory of him. Also, the Izhevsk delegation visited School №20, in which Alexander Volkov studied. 

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