Investment potential of the city of IzhevskInvestment potential of the city of Izhevsk

Location and administrative-territorial division of the city

Izhevsk is located in the south-east of Udmurt Republic, Eastern part of the East European Plain, in-between rivers Kama and Vyatka. Geographic coordinates of the center of the city at 56 degrees northern latitude and 53 eastern longitude. Economically and geographically Izhevsk is a part of the Volga federal district.

The city’s land within the city border is 31515 hectares.

The city is divided into 5 administrative districts: Industrialniy (East), Leninskiy (South-West), Oktyabrskiy (North), Pervomaiskiy (East and South-East), Ustinovskiy (North-East).

The distance between Izhevsk and Moscow is 1129 kilometers. Other closest cities of the Volga federal district are Kazan (386 km), Kirov (405 km), Perm (282 km), Ulianovsk (616 km), Ekaterinburg (634 km), Ufa (342 km), Nizhniy Novgorod (789 km).

The closest seas are the Caspian sea (North shore, 1080 km), the White sea (south shore, 1120 km), the Gulf of Finland (Eastern shore, 1400 km).

The territorial distribution of the population centers in Udmurt Republic creates a complex planning system that can be called “Izhevsk agglomeration” with the city of Izhevsk as the key location of growth. The agglomeration consists of 10 municipal bodies, including secondary growth locations – cities of Votkinsk and Sarapul and some municipal districts. The joint population of Izhevsk agglomeration exceeds 1 million people.

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