The city’s educational system consists of pre-school, general, additional and professional education.

The higher and secondary vocational education institutions include 4 state higher-education bodies: the Udmurt State University, The Izhevsk State Technical University n.a. M.T. Kalashnikov, theIzhevskStateAgriculturalAcademy and theIzhevskStateMedicalAcademy and 6 state secondary vocational education institutions and a growing number of private educational facilities.

The Izhevsk State Technical University n.a. M.T. Kalashnikov is included into the list of 100 best higher education facilities inRussia.

The city’s educational facilities train working and engineering specialist of all the main areas of expertise needed for the city’s economics. The career-guidance work helps to decrease disparity in supply and demand on the labor market. Practices like on-the-job training are also widely used by the educational facilities. Also these facilities create business-incubators and innovative companies actively working with manufacturing companies, who in turn place orders for research and development.

Agreements between industry and educational facilities let students use the companies’ equipment for the education and on-the-job training for the teachers, provide them with scholarships, and take part in the establishing of technological infrastructure of the educational facilities.

The mechanism of targeted contract training is used for the provision of employment of graduates from higher and secondary vocational education facilities and helps young specialists find jobs in the industry.

By the 1st of June 2016 there are 201 pre-school educational facilities and 111 basic education facilities. The educational infrastructure is in constant development. The additional education net is preserved and developed, now it provides services for fulfilling creative potential to 40 000 kids aged 5 to 18, which counts as 68 % of overall number of pupils.


Medical services are provided by 36 hospitals and outpatient facilities.

Priority areas of healthcare development include promotion of healthy lifestyle, mother and child health preservation, improvement of first aid and specialized medicine including highly technological.

Center of in vitro fertilization opened its doors in May 2013.

Physical training and sports.

The capital of Udmurt Republic is rightly viewed as a sports center of Urals and Volga region. Throughout the year the Udmurt Republic hosts more than 600 hundred regional, city, republic federal and international events.

Sport objects of international importance are functioning in the city: the Sport and health-improving skiing complex n.a. Galina Kulakova, the Sport complex “Chekeril”, the Biathlon complex n.a. Alexander Demidov, the Sport and tourist centre "Nechkino", “Zenith” republic stadium. All this objects are compliant with European standards and provided with all the needed infrastructure including infrastructure for disabled people.

The Indoor ice rink with artificial ice on Molodezhnaya st. and the stadium for beach sports in water area of Izhevsk pond have already been opened and by 2017 there are plans over completing the construction of50 meters swimming pool and gym on “Torpedo” stadium.

There are 21 sport-oriented municipal organizations functioning in Izhevsk. 2 of these are specialized schools of Olympic reserve. More than 17 000 kids are learning 44 different kinds of sports.

Table 8

Number of sports facilities in Izhevsk

Type of facility Number of facilities

2011 2012 2013 20142015
Swimming pools 40 43 46 5050
Gyms 200 203 205 213194
Stadiums with 1500 and more places for viewers 6 6 8 88
Planar sports facilities 373 375 381 385396
Ski tracks 13 13 14 1414
Methodical work to accumulate material and technical resources, construction and reconstruction of sporting facilities increases availability of sports facilities to citizens of Izhevsk.Table 9

Availability of sports facilities to citizens ofIzhevskin 2015

Type of facility %
Planar sports facilities 36,74
Swimming pools 16,6
Gyms 24,6
Communication and data transmission

All modern communications are widely distributed throughout Izhevsk. Telephone communications mostly provided by “Rostelecom” JSC, mobile communication is carried out by Vimpelcom (BEELINE), “Rostelecom”, TELE-2, MTS, MegaFon, Skylink.

There about 10 companies on the Internet market: “Rostelecom”, Mark-ITT, Stream, ER-Telecom, NIVAD, RadioLink, Enforta, Devyatiy Uzel, Tango Telecom, Satellite Service, Prostor Telecom.

According, Izhevsk was placed20 in the rating of the cities in the world with the fastest internet connection. The results were calculated using the data acquired from 16thNovember to 15thDecember 2012. Average Internet speed in Izhevsk is about 28 mbit/s. Among Russian cities onlyOmsk has faster connection thanIzhevsk.


Izhevsk has a wide and developed transportation system: railway junction, airport, through truck routes. Inter-city bus lines connectIzhevsk to all district centers and also withPerm,Ufa, Nizhnekamsk and so on. Despite the fact that Izh river is unnavigable, route from Izhevsk to the port of the city of Sarapul (67 km) allows water craft of river-to-sea class deliver goods to black and Baltic seas.

In-city transport consists of autobuses, trolleybuses, tramways and fixed run taxis. Transport services are provided mostly by “Izhevsk production enterprise of passenger transportation” JSC and “Izhevsk city electrotransportation” municipal company. Some services are provided by private entrepreneurs. Water transport consists of three craft coursing overIzhevsk pond.

There is only one airport in Udmurtia. “Izh Avia” JSC provides passenger, cargo, special-order and charter flights on An-24, Tu-134, Yak-42 planes inRussia and CIS countries. Routes net include 15 regular and 12 charter flights. In the future the airport could possibly become international.

Engineering infrastructure

Heat supply is provided by 2 CHPPs (T-Plus OJSC) and 61 boiler-houses, 27 of which are owned by the municipality.

The main heat supply provider is Udmurt public systems JSC. The company operates about995 kilometers of heating and domestic hot water networks, 156 center hit distribution stations, 25 customized heat supply stations, 96 domestic hot water boiler-rooms.

Electricity is provided by Izhevsk Electrical Networks JSC. The company operates more than 3000 kilometers of networks, 871 electrical power distribution stations and voltage transforming plants, 1608 potential transformers.

Water supply and water disposal is provided by Municipal unitary enterprise Izhevskiy Vodokanal, working on about1000 kilometers of water supply networks and650 kilometers of water disposal networks.

About800 kilometers of gas-distributing networks are attended by Gazprom Gas Distribution Izhevsk JSC.

Average wear and tear ration of communal networks is about 50-70 %.

Table 10

Ratio of provision of public services and utilities in Izhevsk (at the end of the year).

Ratio of provision of public services and utilities, % 2015
Water supply 93,8
Water disposal 95,4
Heat supply 88,8
Gas supply 77,6
Domestic hot water supply 81,2
Table 11Number of public service and utility companies in Izhevsk
Number of organizations 2015
1 Providing housing and public utilities 112
1.1. Privately owned organizations providing housing and public utilities 101
1.2. Municipality-owned organizations providing housing and public utilities 11
2 Number of managing companies 47
3 Number of housing cooperatives 239

Public services are provided by 40 utility companies including 7 companies where 25 % of registered capital belongs to Udmurt Republic and the city of Izhevsk municipal body. Today there are 47 managing companies in Izhevsk including 2 municipality and state owned organizations.

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