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Industrialniy district Administration+7(3412) 41-43-30
Oktyabrskiy district Administration+7(3412) 41-44-00
Pervomaiskiy district Administration+7(3412) 41-45-49
Ustinovskiy district Administration+7(3412) 41-44-73
Leninskiy district Administration+7(3412) 41-44-30
Department of management of activities of the Head of the City of Izhevsk +7(3412) 41-41-63
Department of information and analytics+7(3412) 41-41-27
Department of environmental improvement and protection+7(3412) 41-47-47
Department of proprietary relations and land resources +7(3412) 41-48-01
Financial Department+7(3412) 41-47-00
Department of personnel policy+7(3412) 41-41-52
Department of organizational work+7(3412) 41-41-16
Department of accounting, budget planning and analysis+7(3412) 41-41-97
Department of documentation support +7(3412) 41-41-44
Department of archives+7(3412) 43-16-14
Department of material and technical support+7(3412) 41-41-35
Legal Department+7(3412) 61-26-67
Department of civil protection+7(3412) 41-47-55
Department of municipal police+7(3412) 41-42-62
Department of mobilization work and security+7(3412) 41-41-46
Department of housing and communal services+7(3412) 41-45-00
Department of municipal housing 
Department of economy and investments+7(3412) 41-42-77
Department of informatization +7(3412) 41-41-54
Department of culture and tourism+7(3412) 41-47-76
Department of education+7(3412) 41-45-56
Department of physical culture, sport and youth policy+7(3412) 41-45-50
Registry Department+7(3412) 64-53-82
Department of social support, family, maternity and childhood affairs+7(3412) 41-45-15
Department of architecture and city-planning+7(3412) 41-46-00
Department of construction+7(3412) 41-46-34

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